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    Choose the light

    Light will always prevail

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    Something new and beautiful is sparking back to life inside of me. It is small, but strong, and determined never to be snuffed out again. Hello Hope, my old friend. I have missed you.

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    Check out the gallery for uplifting and motivational quotes and images.

Choosing the light, even in the midst of darkness

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My Story

Follow my journey as I heal, grow, stumble, fall, and get back up again. Join me as I fight to find and choose the light, even in the midst of darkness.

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Your Story

Included here are the accounts of others working to discover and choose the light. Here, they bravely share their stories in an effort to continue to choose the light and inspire others to do the same.

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Browse through a collection of quotes and images that inspire, encourage, and uplift. Some might even make you smile.

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