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Monthly Archives: April 2016


I’m actually doing fairly well lately. I know my latest posts were kind of dark and slightly–or extremely–disturbing. But there is a healthy reason for this. I am sloughing off the excess. I am going through my internal inventory and cleaning things up, throwing things out, dusting things off. I am choosing what I want […]

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I was talking to a friend the other day, explaining my maniacal laughing episode, and he gave me an idea that I like very much to describe what I’m going through: I’m detoxing. Once, a loved one┬átried to get off his cocktail of medications cold turkey and I spent three days with him in the […]

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I don’t see myself as a victim. I recognize that other people do. Other people who know what my life has been and watched me experience it easily call me “victimized.” I’m not a fan of the victim label, however. I do accept certain labels for myself, but not that one. I know people who […]

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4/6/16 I’m feeling angry and I blame other people right now. The last few days have been some of those “I’d like to run away now” days. I spent a few hours yesterday helping my son through an anxiety attack. He’s not used to it like his sister, and he’s more like his mother who […]

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A few things I’ve learned over the past months: People’s choices and actions are, when boiled down to their core, driven by one of two emotions: Love or Fear. Frequently, a combination of these forces come into play, but these are the two essential elements of all of our decision-making as human beings. Looking at […]

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