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Monthly Archives: April 2017


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Yesterday, I was finally able to get the rest of my belongings from my old home. It’s a beautiful home. My dream home, in fact. I designed it, with a very open floor plan, a huge pantry, a massive kitchen island. The colors are deep and peaceful and warm. There’s a gas fireplace that’s very […]

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I figured it out. I thought I was going through withdrawals from men and that was why I was depressed. And I was going through withdrawals, but not necessarily from people. I was–am–going through withdrawals from fixing. I sank into another pretty deep depression for a bit. This one lasted a couple of weeks and […]

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Falling In Love

I’m ready to fall in love. Really, truly, completely, unconditionally. I’m ready to fall in love with my own life. I’m tired of trying to find someone to complete me. I told myself I wasn’t doing that. I told myself I was feeling whole and healthy and was ready to find someone else to enrich […]

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