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Monthly Archives: October 2017


I love people. I love getting to know them and making new friends. I love being social and going to activities and feeding off of energy. I love serving people. I love talking with people on a deeper level and sharing our hearts with each other. I love vulnerability. I love that I’m in a […]

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All the Things

High anxiety day today. Lots to do like always. Lots to think about like always. Spinning, though. Spinny spinny spinning. The whys: My Rogue streak might be cancer. Wish I knew for sure. Doctor appointment pending. I don’t think it is, but my nurse friend said I should get it looked at. Why has no […]

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World All the things again. Monday, I woke to discover 50 people had died in a mass shooting in Vegas. My sister lives in Vegas. My other sister and a bunch of my friends were in Vegas at a concert the night before the shooting, at the very hotel the shooter was found. Life. This […]

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I’m experiencing a perspective shift. A new phase is beginning for me. After the ex’s latest attack, after my latest trigger, I made some decisions. I shall no longer fear him. I shall no longer see him as a monster. I’ve wanted this perspective shift for some time, now. I’ve been working toward it, conscientiously […]

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