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Monthly Archives: November 2017


I learned something new about myself last week in my personal finance class. It had less to do with finances and more to do with another of those dark spaces I need to clean out that I didn’t realize existed: I struggle to ask for help for myself not just because of pride, but because […]

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Goodbye Darlings

I’ve worked out of my latest funk. Literally. I have a friend who is in the same space as me as far as wanting to take better care of himself, and he and I are holding each other accountable. We’re making it a contest. Last week I exercised half an hour a day for four […]

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I have completely fallen off the self-care wagon. Why is it so difficult for me to take care of me? I love myself, I truly do. I accept myself wholly and completely, the good, bad, light, dark, beautiful, broken, all of my pieces. I love me. Why can’t my actions reflect that? It’s an actual, […]

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