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Domestic Abuse has a wealth of resources for victims, survivors, and loved ones of those experiencing domestic abuse. They also have a facebook page where they post regular updates, articles, and motivational posts. could be another helpful resource for finding a shelter for women and children seeking safety from domestic abuse. It is not a completely comprehensive list, however, as my own local shelter was not linked on the site, but could be a good starting point.

Do a Google search of “domestic violence” plus your state’s name. This should quickly pull up a list of resources for your area.

Remember, the police are your friends. They deal with domestic violence cases almost daily and their job is to keep people safe. Do not be afraid to get them involved and make them aware. If you feel afraid, whether or not your partner thinks you “should,” those feelings are valid and real. Call 911 or your local dispatch if you feel threatened or unsafe. They can also be a good starting point to discover specific resources in your area.