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My Story

I am a survivor. I am a thriver. I am a fighter.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, teacher, and friend.

I have experienced trauma, abuse, addiction, and mental illness, but those things do not define me. They are things that happened to me, that I still deal with, but they are not who I am.

I am yet in the midst of much of my trauma. I thought about waiting to launch this space, waiting for the time to be “right,” for the drama to abate a little bit before I shared my story publicly.

I though about waiting before I made my voice heard.

The thing about waiting for “perfect timing” is that it doesn’t exist. The thing about waiting to be “ready” to do what is right, is that we talk ourselves out of it before we even try. So I shall share my journey as I am in the midst of it. I will share my ups and downs and backwards and forwards. I will share them in (mostly) real time and authentically. You will join me on the good days and the bad days, in the joyous times and in the heartache.

In this way we will connect, we will share, we will heal and grow and learn together.

And it will be messy and hard and powerful and beautiful.

The only thing I can promise you is

I will never give up, and I will always fight to find and choose the light.

Join me, as we work to discover and choose the light in ourselves and each other.


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